Sheffield Town Hall Events

As we move into summer we are now busy looking into all the arrangements for the Sheffield Documentary festival and Doc Campus.

Our Doc Campus visitors are from Berlin and will be spending 5 days at the Town Hall for their event this then leads straight into the Documentary festival which sees a host of visitors to Sheffield.

During the event Sheffield Town Hall is to be renamed the ITV town hall.

This event also boosts the local economy with so many visitors to the city
For a full programme for Doc fest please see Sheff Doc Fest

We are finalising all the arrangments for a HSBC conference and dinner during June which is a repeat booking from last year further enhancing our customer service record.

We are in the midst of Weddings and parties every Saturday until November and so far all our couples have had a great experience whilst at Sheffield Town Hall.

As an added incentive we are now offering 2 x £50 vouchers for the bride and a guest to enjoy at SPA 1877 when booking a full wedding package at Sheffield Town Hall

Take a look at their webpage SPA 1877

The new AV equipment which we have invested in has proven itself so far as our customer feedback has been very positive. We now have a wide range of visual options for our customers. We used this to great effect for the recent Tour De France roadshow with Welcome to Yorkshire.

The AV they brought with them was inadequate for 200 guests. We quickly stepped to replace with our equipment ensuring that the video they where playing was seen by all.

It was vintage fair last Saturday in our reception rooms and this event is massively popular with the public. This is a regular event at the Town Hall and sees up to 2000 visitors in a day. Being in the heart if the city and with the busiest walkway any where in Sheffield with a little bit if advertising brings in an enormous amount of visitors .

Any questions about @townhallevents please do not hesitate to contact us Sheffield Town Hall





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